Sustainable Agriculture Project Sangthong

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Project Overview:

The Sustainable Agriculture Project Sangthong (hereafter, SAPS) is a joint project of the Sangthong District Agriculture and Forestry Extension Office and the Mennonite Central Committee. Project planning and implementation are carried out jointly between staff of both institutions in a co-operative effort to promote long-term sustainability of agricultural production and ecological conservation throughout Sangthong District. SAPS seeks to accomplish this goal primarily through technical trainings, farmer-managed demonstration gardens and micro-lending. In accordance with the wider ethos of the Mennonite Central Committee, SAPS intentionally works in those communities most economically (or otherwise) disadvantaged, by empowering local farmers to carry-out technically appropriate, low-external input agricultural projects which promote long-term food security and viable products for sale. The project seeks, through all activities and trainings, to promote practices which properly recognize principles of the agroecosystem including, but not limited to, water and nutrient cycling, soil organic matter, and the role of beneficial insects, arthropods, and soil fauna. In addition to this, the project seeks to promote those practices which have a beneficial or neutral impact on the natural ecosystem. The project recognizes and seeks to engage the complex interaction of the these ecosystems to promote agricultural development which is truly sustainable, both for the human organism and for the vast array for non-human organisms involved in these interactions.


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