Sustainable Agriculture Project Sangthong

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Micro-lending for Fish Raising:

Following the completion of the seminars on fish raising and fish pond construction, many farmers expressed the concern that technical knowledge was only a part of the impediments which they faced in terms of viable fish production. Many farmers felt that start-up capital was a more significant hindrance than a lack of technical ability. Accordingly, the project began a programme to supply interested farmers with a short-term (9 months) loan of 300,000 kip (US$30) per fish pond for the purchase of fingerlings, on the condition that the farmer would construct a pond according to specifications advised by the project (where possible), and that the amount would be repaid without interest at the end of the fish production season, which runs roughly from July until April, when fish are harvested toward the end of the dry season. During the loan period, the project continued to provide follow-up visits by the DAFEO Animal Husbandry Division to monitor fish growth and to provide technical assistance for problems which arose during the period.


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