Sustainable Agriculture Project Sangthong

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Selection of Project Farmers:

Project farmers were selected in consultation with DAFEO staff and, primarily, the village chief. In accordance with local practice and the local political system, all decisions, especially at the outset of new projects, must be made by the village chief. SAPS determined that of greatest importance was the selection of project villages in terms of the degree of disadvantage. Selection of project farmers was, in part, secondary to this for a variety of reasons. SAPS stipulated that the project farmer which was selected must be someone with time in which to work in the demonstration garden, must have demonstrated some level of agricultural ability and interest, and must have land near a year-round source of water. While it is inevitable that these qualifications are more likely to be met by families with somewhat more means than the poorest segment of the village, it was determined that a viable demonstration field was a priority. SAPS has made alternative arrangements to specifically target the poorest families in these communities.


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